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mentorship is the mutually beneficial relationship between the mentor and the mentee, where the mentor provides guidance, support, and wisdom based on their experience and expertise, while the mentee is receptive to learning, growth, and implementing the mentor's advice.

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This is a 5 week mentorship program in Career Development. We help guide you in your professional career especially if you need next steps before or after getting certified. Our instructors will provide you both technical and soft skills, and guidance on developing teamwork, communication, network building.

this mentorship program is to help you

Gain access to knowledge and experience

Guidance and support

Advice on career development

Networking opportunities

A sounding board for ideas

A role model to emulate

5 Weeks10am - 2:30pmVirtual live classes$500

Taught by Experienced Experts

our Instructors are experienced practitioners who work at the world's most innovative companies. They're experts in their field, and enter the classroom with years of experience making sure you're learning the most up-to-date and practical skills companies around the world need.

Oluwadamilola Olajuyigbe


Oluwatiroye Amoye


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